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entolla.com ... by and for the players

What people are saying

"This site is funderful!"
-- Petau

"Better than ******.com in MANY ways."
-- Zurround

"It's a great site."
-- queenb

"It runs like a well-oiled machine!"
-- eaglemedicine

"This website is perfect!!!"
-- sheriff

"Each time I come back, the site is better."

"The 3D pieces are really cool - best pieces I ever saw online."
-- world

"What a FANTASTIC site you have built us!!!!!!! it even told me when i was running out of time!"
-- scothew5

"This is a perfect case of 'If you build it they will come.'"
-- moodles

"I am totally amazed at how y'all did this."
-- wildtexasrose

"We really want to play online and needed pentolla to do it the way we want."
-- gsw

Welcome to Pentolla.com

4390 games played in January, 2015 (plus 6158 Tollie games)
    43147 games played in 2014. (plus 35554 Tollie games)

On May 18, 2012, a popular, polyomino-based, online game with a worldwide following, which had been in operation, off and on, since around 2003, was abruptly shut down by its corporate parent.

But a couple of the many dedicated players decided to do something about it, and, after a few months of hard work, by September 22, 2012 had built the initial version of this replacement.

Here it is ... "pentolla.com ... by and for the players".

We offer a place to meet with other players and play against them. Four-color "classic" games with two or four players or teams are available, as is a smaller, two-color version.

Progress since the initial release has been made and continues. Over time, more features and an expanded website will be offered. We're just a few people, working for free, not a $6-billion corporation!

This two-minute video goes over the simple rules of the game, and gives a view of how it's played here.

Prospective players can get a taste for what's available on a limited basis as Guest logins, but for long term participation are encouraged to register an account, choosing - and staying with - a single online 'name'. Use of multiple "id"s is discouraged, and where it is detected, may be exposed, especially those whose purpose appears to be to 'hide' or deceive.

The links on this page take you to the pages to create an account.

Pentolla is a place for social as well as competitive players, and even those who have had great success playing on the board at home often find themselves over-matched when they first arrive at the site. Stay with it and your play WILL improve.

It is our intention to offer an enjoyable experience to one and all players.

We expect participants to be polite and respectful to their fellow players, regardless of their level of play. Bad behavior, offensive chat, and offensive player names will not be acceptable, and such things will be removed from the site by the moderators. Our policies are spelled out in detail on the Code of Conduct page.

To join players from all over the world (76 countries as of December 2014),
you can get started here:

Just want to check things out? ... Use the "Enter as Guest" button.
For details, see the FAQ.
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