Clocks 'springing' forward:

North America: Sunday March 10.
Europe: Sunday March 31.
During that 3-week period, there will be one hour LESS
time difference across the Atlantic.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Pentolla Forum - new logins

While it may not be an exaggeration to describe our forum as moribund, we do occasionally use it for discussions, news, or sharing information.

Some months ago, the forum was taken over by a company called Tapatalk (along with thousands of other forums).

They are now changing over to using Tapatalk logins.
It is a fairly painless process.

For all Forum members ...

Login in to the forum at this link. You should see a message about this with some links to use to do the signup.
Choose a name, a password, and provide your forum email.
It just takes a minute or two to complete.

Thank you.