North America: Sunday March 11.
Europe: Sunday March 25
Australia: Sunday April 1 (back)
During those two weeks ... 1 hour LESS time difference across the Atlantic!
(Take that into account scheduling any games.)

See timeanddate.com for details about exact times in different countries.

Move over, Disneyland -- FINLAND is the happiest place on Earth!

March Madness 2018

For details of the format, see the forum.

Round 1 is open for play - Deadline is March 20.
Two groups of 9* players (8 matches).
Group A (8)
Group B (9)

* - in group A, mikeyosuke has withdrawn from the tournament.

As of March 16, with 4 days left,
remaining games are:
A: drpremium vs pentti79,
eaglemedicine vs vita,
theloser vs (6 players)

B: IWK vs itch
guiduf vs (5 players)

Deadline for round 1 is MARCH 20 !

Top 5 of each group advance to: Round 2: two groups of 5 players (4 matches).
Qualifiers (so far):
A: drpremium, blokussssss
B: ccc33, pent

Top 2 of those groups advance to: Semi-finals and finals (single set matches).