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entolla.com - Code of Conduct.


Pentolla.com is a place for people to play the game, meet others from around the world, and to chat, in a friendly environment. People of all ages and from all countries are welcome at Pentolla.com. When playing, remember that other players online could be anybody - much older or younger than you, or from a different country and speaking a different language. Be as helpful and friendly as you can, and do not take offense too easily if somebody seems rude.

The following behaviours are not tolerated at Pentolla


While not strictly banned, there are a few things which are considered rude at pentolla.com, including
Quitting before the end of a game

It is considered rude to leave before the end of the game, even if you have no more moves to play. It may also be considered a form of "cheating" if you are doing so to avoid having a rated game recorded by the ranking system.

If you have to interrupt a game for some legitimate reason such as the internet cafe where you are playing catches fire, at least offer some explanation rather than just abruptly leaving. It's just polite, and otherwise, the other player may well assume you were trying to avoid having a loss recorded.

In case of a disconnection, return to the game as soon as you can -- your opponent is probably waiting for you so that the game can continue.

Please note also that your opponent will have the option of registering your 'quit' in the game logs, and a pattern of doing so will not enhance your reputation on the site.

Not playing rematches

To overcome the significant advantage the first player to move has in a two-player or team game it is customary (approaching mandatory) to play games in pairs, switching colours for the second game. For this reason, players on pentolla.com normally expect that anyone who plays a first game will follow it up with rematch.

Inviting a player, playing first, and abruptly leaving after a win is especially poor conduct.

Under some circumstances, single games are played, but this is the exception rather than the rule, and should be agreed upon at the start of play. Reasons include:

  • Someone only has time for one game. Usually, a rematch is promised later.
  • Freestyle or some other special rules are being used, which make the rematch unnecessary.
  • If a second-to-play player scores a large win, and the reverse game figures to have a similar outcome, the players might agree that a rematch is not necessary.
  • Unrated games being played to demonstrate, practice, or teach.
  • Players who know each other well and play each other frequently may play a single game instead of a pair from time to time, knowing that the advantage will balance itself out in the long run.

Creating more than one account to hide your identity

This applies both to masking a player's skill level while playing a game, and participating in, or listening to chat.

Players should not share accounts - it is unfair to other players if at one time a familiar name is one person and on another occasion it is someone else.

Players who wish to have simultaneous logons, for watching games for example, should create additional accounts with clearly related names, such as a prefix or suffix added to their usual name. These so-called watching accounts should never be used to play recorded games, either rated or unrated.

Discussing a game you are watching in the public chat while it is in progress

While it is especially important to avoid saying anything that could influence the rest of the game, it is usually best to avoid commenting on any moves at all until the end of the game, even ones that have already been made. While some players don't mind, or even enjoy, discussing moves which have already been played, it can be distracting or frustrating to either player. If you're not sure that both players aren't bothered by discussion of a game-in-progress, you should save your comments until the end of the game.

Team members exchanging hints or plans during Teams Games.

While teammates might want to discuss a general strategy before a game begins, once it is under way, each team member is expected to decide moves on his/her own - completely independently, and without any help or suggestions, from his teammate.

Teammates should not exchange such information in any way, including Private chat, Public chat, or via Skype, Instant Messages, email, or carrier pigeon.

Rated and Unrated Games

Rated games are included in player rankings and are meant to be serious games. Players who wish to opt out of the ranking system can play unrated games, which also serve the purpose of allowing risk-free experimentation.

The following are not allowed in rated games


Please note that while the Pentolla admins will do their best to to enforce these rules, we cannot guarantee that they will always be evenly enforced. Pentolla is free, and created and moderated by volunteers, and at times there will be no admin present.

If you find someone's behaviour offensive, or see someone harassing someone else, simply report it to an admin, and every effort will be made to resolve the problem. If you cannot find an admin, you may email a description of what happened to info@pentolla.com.

If a complaint is lodged alleging that a particular player has violated the code, we will attempt to discuss the issue with that player, and to verify that such behaviour has been taking place. We may also consider the statements of witnesses to the alleged violations. It may be difficult to prove when offenses have occurred, so if you are reporting an offense, try to keep track of as many details as possible, especially other players who were present at the time. In cases of alleged violations, we will attempt to determine all relevant facts about what happened and first try to resolve them through private communications, but if those fail, then temporary or permanent banishment from the site may occur.

For cases of inappropriate chat, players may be muted by the admins.

When an admin makes a request, please comply even if you disagree with the admin. Ignoring the admin or arguing in public about it is likely to get you temporarily muted or even blocked from pentolla.com. If you disagree with the request the admin made, you can talk about it in private with the admin, or follow up by emailing info@pentolla.com .


Our Privacy Policy is incorporated here by reference, and is included in the agreement to this document when you sign up to play.

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