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entolla.com - The Pentolla Team.

These are the people who operate the site.
They are also the forum and site administrators,
available for advice, conflict resolution, or general help.

Toby is the lead programmer for the site.
He has been developing software since the 1970's.

He has been playing since 2003, provided significant input to the development of earlier versions of the online game in 2005 and 2007, organized a series of online tournaments in 2006 and 2007, helped organize the Palooza tournaments in Ottawa (2007), Toronto (2011), and Chicago (2012), attended BBT in 2009, and was Palooza champion in 2007.

Vita is one of the best known players and bravely has taken on the job of handling communications with the community.

She has been playing since 2007 and has over 7000 C2 games to her name, and has helped organize the online Freestyle Tournaments and several one-day Team tournaments in recent years. She has attended many tournaments: in France (2007), Belgium (2008 through 2014), and Canada (2011), and became organizer-in-chief for the annual Belgian tournament in 2013.

infamouswhiteknight, or iwk, who completed his PhD in mathematics in 2014, launched the project in June, 2012.
He designed the player ranking or "points" algorithms.

He has played online since the early days, was the Palooza champion in Montreal (2008) and Toronto (2011), the latter of which he was the principal organizer for. He attended BBT 2009, 2010, and 2013, and has consistently been at or near the top of the online rankings for Classic 2.

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