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Welcome to Pentolla - The Latest News

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Brief interruptions during last half of July/first week of August.

Automatic restarts of the game server will occur on SOME days
at midnight EDT (6:00 AM CET) without regard to logins or games in progress.

These will occur when conditions warrant, probably at intervals of 5-7 days.
This time was chosen to minimize disruptions, since there is very little
activity at that hour.

If you do get disconnected at that time, wait about 5 minutes,
and you should be able to login again, but any chat session or
partially finished game will be lost.

Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

440 Games Played this week Jul 15 - 21
Player Games
1. eaglemedicine 89
2. scot 59
3. arne 43
4. iching 39
5. oppie 39
6. greenster 38
7. blokus301 37
8. obligehim 37
Player Games
9. tigertew 36
10. milo 31
11. frk34 30
12. joyeuse 26
13. crayon 22
14. ddeso 22
15. immer 22
16. blokussssss 18
Player Games
17. markb 18
18. m0 18
19. mentalblock 17
20. yakaha 17
21. toby 16
22. thesunshine 14
23. cookie 14

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Pentolla version 119-195-02
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Total minutes per side:
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How to Play Tollie (computer player)
  1. Create an UN-rated table.
  2. Choose a seat by clicking on a chair .
  3. Fill the other seat(s) by clicking the Computer Icon .
  4. Start the game!


For details of the many site features, see the FAQ page. Please.

Here is a very abbreviated summary of how to get into a game after you log in.

Read more here.

Available commands: (enter in chat box/es)
(those in green with underlines can be clicked to execute them).
Set My Status:

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Click white circle
to play piece.

How to Play Pieces

With Mouse & Keyboard:
Click on a piece in the supply boxes at the left. Move the mouse over the board - do not hold the button down - to choose a place to play it, and click again when you are satisfied.

With Touchscreen option:
Touch desired piece to choose, reorient using arrows, touch where to play, touch 'selector box' circle to confirm the move.

Piece Orientation
There are several ways to reorient a piece after it has been selected.
  • Click the arrows in the "selector box"
  • Rotate the mouse wheel
  • or use these keys as shortcuts:
    • V - vertical flip
    • C - horizontal flip
    • X - rotate clockwise
    • S - rotate counter-clockwise
  • Press SPACE to rotate through all positions,
Seat Controls
Available seats can be filled by players or computer players.
Click icon to take a seat or to place a computer player.

To change seats, click another chair.

To leave a seat click the "X" box to the right. The player who created the table (the 'owner') can also remove other players from seats.
Note that if an "owner" leaves the table, he is no longer considered the owner, even if he returns later.

To leave the game: click QUIT (but not as a player if the game is still going)

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